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All through school I used to draw unicorns and pegasi in my notebooks all the time. I love the movies The Last Unicorn and Legend. I don’t remember where, but somewhere I’d read that they use Arabian horses as unicorns. They’re always slender, delicate looking creatures. legend-unicorn

As I started writing a fantasy story in high school (I still have the basic plot in mind, but the original was really bad and I had to trash it), I pictured my unicorns a bit different. I see them strong and more muscled. I’ve always loved Clydesdales and a friend of mine told me about the Gypsy Vanners. They are perfect examples of the way I see unicorns. gypsy-vanner


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On the drive in to work this morning, sometime between 6-6:30 am, I was talking to my mom about something temporary. I can’t remember what, exactly, but I was suddenly slapped in the face (my writing muse can be a little violent at times) with an idea for a story about a temporal shift in Lily and Sarah’s world that basically steals a year of the world’s life. It’s possibilities. Anything and anyone that would have been now will never be. I can’t wait to build up to this point in the world. It’s late, though, (after having been up at 5am) so off to bed I go. Sweet dreams!

~May your muse be ever inspiring.

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The First Post

After months of having this blog set-up. I’m finally making a post. The thing that was holding me back was the author bio. I have a bad habit of trying to research things when I’m lacking inspiration and can spend so much time doing it that my eyes are ready to bleed from staring at the bright computer screen.

I don’t know why writing the author bio seemed so hard, but apparently I’m not alone in thinking so. I’m sure there’s more I can add to it, but at least there’s something to get me started. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment!

As I write this, I’m currently working on getting through my third semester back at college. I have a short story from my first semester that I’m working on editing and adding more. I’m a little stuck on the world building at the moment and I have another character from the world who’s been patiently waiting her turn for the spotlight, but I have to polish Lily’s story before I can start Sarah’s.

I’ll start posting teasers soon, but right now, I have to finish some reading to write a paper for my History class.

~May your muse be ever inspiring.

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