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Non-Progress Update

My muses have been battling a lot lately. I have plans on revising Lily’s story to give it more detail and lengthening it, but with a convention coming up this weekend and having a table for my crafts, I’ve been trying to crunch that in between studying for my History test, taking care of my son, and working on a script for my script writing class.

Next week, things should slow down. I’m not commuting 45 minutes to work anymore, so I’ll have Tuesdays and Thursdays to get down to business. I’m excited.


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I’ve been trying to make a post for the past four days, but something always seems to distract me. I’ve finally caught a moment, so I think I’ll post a bit of a teaser from Lily’s story. The story idea originally came from an assignment for my first Creative Writing course, and this was one of the exercises. Once I edit and add to Lily’s story, this scene might make the cut, or might change.

Lily’s Sanctuary

The moon was full and bright in the clear, starry sky. Its light shone down on Lily as she made her way to her secret place.

The crickets and bullfrogs serenaded her as she padded over the grassy peat of the forest floor. Almost out of the swamp her family called home, her willow came into view.

With ancient roots, the tree stood tall and proud. Its branches reached high into the sky and poured down to tickle the earth below. Half of the mighty tree shaded the edge of the land, while the other half reached out over the freshwater pond.

Pushing aside the leafy curtain, Lily entered her sanctuary. She breathed deep the mossy smell of the earth, letting it fill her with calm.

Shrouded within its protective embrace, Lily sat between its roots. The leaves were so thick very little moonlight trickled through, but the lights of a thousand fireflies twinkled among the branches.

Closing her eyes, she listened to the night breeze dance within the branches high above her. Only here could Lily relax so completely. Here she was safe.

Here she was free.

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