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A New Place

My husband and I just got word that we’re approved to move into the new apartment complex we applied for. This means more space (an extra bedroom for all the baby stuff). I’ll still have my craftroom, and with the baby’s room, I can work on writing in there with him playing while my husband sleeps. We are so looking forward to moving.

My computer is definitely going to be one of the very last things that gets packed, so I’ll still be able to work on writing in between packing and taking care of Victor. And hopefully posting more on here. >.<

Lately, the most writing I’ve been doing has been scenes for character development and some side plot pushing with a group of gamers I play D&D with. Originally, it started out with one of the guys and I thinking one of our in-session scenes could have been better, and redid the conversation over FaceBook chat. Since then, it’s blossomed into everyone doing extra scenes with everyone for the downtime between session to really develop our characters. It’s been amazing and has helped me practice my style. I’m really proud to have come up with a couple new twists on old cliche’s; 1) “She knew his voice like the beating of her heart.” (“… like the back of her hand” just didn’t have the same power to it.) 2) “She looked like a sheep caught in a wyvern’s shadow.” (Given this is medieval fantasy, cars/headlights don’t exist.)

All this scene co-writing has been very inspiring and since I have tomorrow off from work, I hope to start outlining Lily’s story and getting it ready to edit/rewrite. There’s so much more I want to do with it.

But for now, good night! And may your muse be ever inspiring!


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I was going through an old file folder that has a ton of story ideas and research from years past, and I came across a poem I wrote;

The Writer’s Blessing
May your creativity always flow
May your writing never slow
May your ideas easily take form
And may your tales take the world by storm

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Jess E. Owen on Writing Animals

Author of Song of the Summer King, Jess. E. Owen, has 5 tip for Writing Animals (plus a bonus!).

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Today is national Star Wars Day. Many authors have written in the Star Wars universe, and one – my favorite – is David Farland. He is a NYTimes bestselling author and spends a lot of time helping aspiring authors with his Daily Kicks (you can sign up for these extremely helpful e-mails on his website davidfarland.net).

His son, Ben, who’s 16 was recently in a long boarding accident and is in serious need of help. The family doesn’t have insurance so they’re raising money for the enormous hospital bills for Ben’s treatment and, hopefully soon, his rehabilitation.

Help support an author who has spent his life supporting us. Buy a shirt, donate what you can, or just help spread the word. Help Ben Walk and May the fourth be with you.

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