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As I’ve mentioned before, Lily’s story started out as an assignment for my first semester back to college. It’s been my goal for a long time to submit a story to the Writer’s of the Future Contest, and since I want to expand this story more I’m thinking about submitting it when I finally finish.

For 17,000 words, at about 250 words/page … it’s going to be about 68 pages, give or take. My question to you is, how many pages do you think I should take to get to the inciting incident, and how many pages should I spend on the denouement? After those two, I can figure out where I want the rest to go.


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Surina’s Lullaby

So, I’m in this Dungeons & Dragons game, in which all our characters are Dragonborn. Not Skyrim Dragonborn… but humanoid dragons. Here’s the link if you want to check out their info: Dragonborn.

Anyways, some history came out about my character’s hatching, and how her mother passed. Her mother (Surina) use to go and sing to the eggs. One of my character’s older brothers had gone to listen one time, to find she and the eggs were being attacked by undead. All but my character’s egg had been crushed and her mother was fighting with everything she had to save her. The older brother, under Mother’s command, took her egg and fought his way out.

As we were going through this flashback, I decided to write the lullaby that Surina would sing to her eggs. I wanted something original for the game, rather than just googling lullabies (though, I did do that for inspiration). Here’s the lullaby I wrote:

Surina’s Lullaby

Sleep now, dear eggs, gone is the daylight
Sleep and grow strong with warrior’s might

Rest now, dear eggs, under the moonlight
Rest and grow brave, all through the night

The moon has risen over a world now sleeping
While I my loved ones’ watch am keeping

Sleep now, dear eggs, till the day comes anew
Sleep and dream of glory, the whole night through

Rest now, dear eggs, till the sun touches you
Rest and dream of honor, the whole night through

Soon the sun will rise to wake those sleeping
While I my loved ones’ watch am keeping


And just to note, the line “I my loved one’s watch am keeping” came from the lullaby “All Through the Night” written by Edward Jones around 1784. I loved it so much that I had to use it.

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A Quick Quip

You know you’re a writer when you type a “d” into the search bar and dictionary.reference.com is the first to autofill. >.<

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