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24 Hours With You

I’m currently revising poems for my poetry class portfolio and thought I’d start sharing some of my work. This one was for the “List Poem” assignment. While I’m not fond of the List Poem structure (a list is a list, to me, so it’s hard to think of it as poetic), but in revising this one, I’m more happy with it compared to the first draft which was much more… list-ier.

Enjoy. =D


24 Hours With You
6:30 AM
I awake to your voice
Crackling, chirping through the monitor.
I drag myself from the warm embrace
of my bed.
You greet me with a smile.

7:30 AM
Two sugars and a heap of French Vanilla creamer.
You’re changed, fed, stumbling around
On unsteady legs.

9:00 AM
Coffee’s cold.
I chase you away from the TV.
From the cable box.
From the router with its blinking lights.
From the wet shoes deposited by the door.
From the blinds in the windows.
And again.

10:00 AM
I hold you close
Your warmth tucked in my arms.
We sway
Forward and backward.
Forward and backward.
I gaze down at your innocent face
As your blue eyes flutter closed.

12:30 PM
You wake with renewed energy
Ready to continue the chase.
At silly little things.

2:00 PM
You gobble down your lunch
Watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
Mickey Mouse.
Little Einsteins.
You’re done –
You’ve slapped the spoon from my hand
To tell me you’re full.

4:00 PM
You used to take a second nap.
Now a distant memory.
You slurp down your bottle
Then grin at me,
As if saying,
“Yeah right.”

6:30 PM
Bed time.
I hold you close as we rock
Forward and backward.
Forward and backward.
You look so peaceful.
I kiss your cheek.
Tuck you in.
“I love you.”

3:00 AM
The Witching Hour.
I stumble around the house
A zombie.
Warming your bottle,
Changing you,
Falling asleep as we sway
Drifting off again.

6:30 AM
I awake to your voice
Crackling, chirping through the monitor.
I drag myself from the warm embrace
of my bed.
You greet me with a smile –
It makes it all worth it.


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Jess E. Owen on Writing Animals

Author of Song of the Summer King, Jess. E. Owen, has 5 tip for Writing Animals (plus a bonus!).

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On the drive in to work this morning, sometime between 6-6:30 am, I was talking to my mom about something temporary. I can’t remember what, exactly, but I was suddenly slapped in the face (my writing muse can be a little violent at times) with an idea for a story about a temporal shift in Lily and Sarah’s world that basically steals a year of the world’s life. It’s possibilities. Anything and anyone that would have been now will never be. I can’t wait to build up to this point in the world. It’s late, though, (after having been up at 5am) so off to bed I go. Sweet dreams!

~May your muse be ever inspiring.

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